Can poor people also be eccentric?

I’ve spent quite a good stretch of my life trying to find the answer this question. If you are poor, it’s almost unheard of to be an eccentric. The nature of an eccentric can be described as strange, quirky, idiosyncratic, and yet more than likely are well-educated and possess an ability to create wealth with that education. I can’t think of the last time I heard anyone call a poor person “eccentric.” Some poor folks are educated but fail to get ahead because success takes more than just knowledge and the motivation to complete a degree. But wait! Hard work equals success, right? That is another huge misconception. Large numbers of low-paid workers do work hard enough at their jobs (sometimes two or three at the same time) yet are unable to advance in their positions for several reasons.

First, there are some requirements in life for potential success as an adult. Some of these are things we can’t do anything much about.



Physical attractiveness/Facial profile/body type.


Command of the native language.



Where and how we grew up.


Other things can be acquired but cannot change who we are as an individual.

Social connections.


Cosmetic fixes (most often not affordable).


So all this leads back to square one.

Poor? Or Eccentric?

When a poor person is strange, they are a nuisance.  So, to deal with poor folks’ lack of traits required to become successful, they are to be herded – led, or more often than not, pushed around with the pack. The poor are not allowed to be different than the next poor person when it comes to creative choice. We are expected to dress alike, talk alike, act alike, listen to the same music and read no books. Because we lack worldly exposure and often struggle to express ourselves in the simplest of words, we are herded, not heard. Why? Eccentrics, while odd, are thought of as skillful, well-meaning and highly sought after intellectuals. In contrast, the poor are supposed to be a bunch of flagrantly misbehaving unnecessary kooks. Being poor is in itself the lack of eccentricity.

So, one goal for this blog is to try to squashing the notion that poor people can’t also be eccentrics.


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